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Barbie - What's Not To Love?

Barbie - What's Not To Love?

As we approach another year to celebrate Barbie's debut in 1959, it is hard to imagine aworld without Barbara Millicent Rogers in it.

So synonymous with Pink that she has her very own signature pink named after her (Barbie Pink PMS 219... Yeah! It's a thing!), she has proved over her incredible life that pink is powerful! She has clocked up over 200 very diverse careers - from Astronaut to Ballerina, Pop Star, Doctor, Palaeontologist, NASCAR Driver, Gymnast to Martial Artist. Check out our Barbie Costumes here.
In 1965 Barbie travelled to space - a whole 5 years before man walked on the moon. In 1992 she ran for President of the USA (and has continued to do so every year since). She continued to crash through the glass ceiling in 1973 by saving lives as a surgeon and in 1985 as 'Day to Night' CEO Barbie.
She has been the muse to artists, including Andy Warhol and the topic of chart topping tunes like 'Barbie Girl' by Danish pop group Aqua. 
For years now Barbie has repeatedly graced the big screen with several theatrical releases, plus DVD's, multiple TV shows that can be seen on various channels and streaming services around the world and her own You Tube channel. Not to mention she is one of the most followed stars of social media  and who could forget that she doesn't mind taking a back seat to her friends with her famous supporting role in Disney Pixar's timeless Toy Story films? She may have started out as a black and white striped swimsuit wearing, 11.5 inch doll.... but this queen of versatility has over the years brought to life a juggernaut of girl power positivity and equality that springs from some pretty fantastic plastic.

As we approach International Women's Day on March 9th - keep in mind Barbie will also be blowing out 61 fabulous candles! Happy Birthday Babs!

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