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Costume Wigs & Facial Hair

To finish your ideal look, sometimes you may need to go the extra effort and wear a costume wig. Being a scallywag such as Captain Jack Sparrow entails you will need some seriously realistic dreadlocks even right down to the smell if you are serious. For a rock star diva you might need a bright wig available in a multitude of colours such as pink, purple or red. If you want to do something more or the scary side, such as a vampire, you will need perfectly ruffled hair which gives the impression you’ve just been awoken from deep slumber in some forgotten crypt. Whatever the occasion, your hairstyle is vital and plays an important role in defining who you are and the character your represent. With our large variety of wigs to buy, you can kick start your style in record time, and reduce the hassle of dreadlocking or dying your hair which could have unintended results for months to come. Our wigs are super friendly to wear, and you can be guaranteed to create a lookalike transformation in next to no time.