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Why Frozen Melts Hearts: The Magic of Girl Power!

Dorothy and Tin Man Wizard of Oz costume
For nearly 100 years, the storytelling wizards at Disney have been making movies that are adored by young and old. But when they released Frozen in 2013, it took the world by storm (sorry) with levels of fan love unparalleled even for Disney.
How’s this for a list of achievements? Frozen is the highest grossing animated film ever. In the year after the movie was released, “Elsa” reached the list of Top 100 Baby Names for the first time. Frozen was the most searched film on Google in 2014. One woman even divorced her husband because he was just not that into it!
And as parents know, kids never tire of rewatching the film or listening to its songs. Never everrrrrrrr…
So what makes Frozen so special that the world doesn’t want to let it go? (sorrynotsorry)
Our guess is that it’s because the story isn’t about a prince saving the day. Instead it’s about two brave, spirited sisters saving each other. Anna and Elsa have shown a generation of children that it’s okay to be yourself, and that girls can be heroes too. Add a talking snowman and you have a guaranteed crowd pleaser!
So next time Let It Go blares through your house, you can feel happy knowing your kids are embracing a positive message. And of course the next chapter in Anna and Elsa’s story hits cinemas later this year, with the long awaited Frozen 2!

Which character is your child’s favourite?

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With so many options, plus cool accessories like play shoes, tiaras and party options, your Frozen 2 movie day will be magic from start to finish!
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