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Introducing Emma Memma (and Why Pre-Schoolers Love Her!)

Introducing Emma Memma (and Why Pre-Schoolers Love Her!)

Emma Watkins is back! We loved her as the Yellow Wiggle, and now she’s bringing joy to kids again as Emma Memma. This new character has a focus on communicating in a variety of different ways, including Auslan (the Australian sign language), dance, gesture, mime, crafting, drawing, listening, speaking, and singing. We’re excited to announce that Emma Memma costumes are arriving shortly!


Until now, she was best known as Emma Wiggle – the Yellow Wiggle who brought joy to so many children around the world, with her bright yellow costume, joyful outlook, and focus on incorporating Auslan sign language into Wiggles performances.


Emma Memma creates songs and videos aimed at kids. Along with her best friend, Elvin Melvin, they sing, dance, and sign. Elvin is profoundly deaf and uses Auslan to communicate with Emma and the audience. They are joined by characters like BB Butterfly and Waffles Wombat.


image source: (photographer: Jared Lyons)


The fun and catchy songs are kept simple and repetitive to help small children to learn the songs and the Auslan signs that go along with them. They’ve also proven a hit with autistic and non-verbal audiences. The songs can be found on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify.


An Emma Memma book, titled Hello Emma Memma, was released earlier this year. There’s also word that a television show will be coming soon. We know there will be lots of very happy little girls and boys when this comes through!


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A bit of a change from her yellow skivvy, Emma Memma’s dress is orange and coral pink. Her outfit features butterflies on her dress, shoes, and in her hair. Emma’s sign language name also uses the sign for butterfly, so it’s clearly an important symbol to her and is included on the costumes. You can even find butterfly crafting activities on her Instagram.


Emma encourages her fans to wear her favourite colours to her concerts: orange, pink, and green. And soon your little one will be able to wear the official Emma Memma dress to her shows too! We have two Emma Memma costume options arriving at the start of June.  Both dresses feature Emma’s signature style orange with butterflies. The costumes are available in Toddler size, 3-5 Years, and 6-8 Years.  They’re available to pre-order now.


We love the work that Emma is doing to incorporate creativity, movement, friendship, and inclusiveness into her songs and educational posts. A real trailblazer from the start, as the first female wiggle, we’re excited to follow her journey to bring song, dance, and sign language to our kids.


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