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10 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day in 2023

10 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day in 2023

The biggest day on the Star Wars calendar is May the 4th. Celebrated around the world in a variety of different ways, it’s when Star Wars fans go all out in showing their love for all things Star Wars. 2023 is a huge year for both Star Wars, and their current owner, Disney, as we’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi, and the 100th anniversary of Disney Studios.


So how will this Star Wars Day be celebrated? If you don’t have the dollars to hit London for the Star Wars Celebration event from April 7th to 10th, or the Disneyland month-long Star Wars Day celebrations at one of the Disney theme parks, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate at home.


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Check out this list for some fun ways that you and your family can celebrate Star Wars Day:


Watch Your Favourite Star Wars movie or TV show

This should be a fairly simple one, even if the choice is hard! While there’s enough Star Wars content to watch for a whole day straight (over 25 hours just for the 11 live-action films), be kind to yourself and pick just one. If you feel like watching a movie there are quite a few to choose from now, with the 3 trilogies, Rogue One, Solo, and even the Star Wars adjacent films Caravan of Courage and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor. For something shorter, enjoy an episode of one of the TV series, including The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Book of Boba Fett, and Andor. If you want something different, try one of the 21 animated projects! Can you pick just one?


Take a Star Wars Quiz

There are lots of these available online, and a fun way to compare your knowledge of the Star Wars universe. Pick a basic one for the kids or look for a more advanced quiz one to really test your knowledge.

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Talk like Yoda for a set period of the day 

Harder than you think, and best in short bursts, or you'll drive yourself (and everyone else!) crazy!. Perhaps try lunchtime or dinnertime as your Yoda-speak time.

“Eat you, I will!”, “Tasty this is”, and “Unfinished dinner you have, dessert I must make”. It’s a bit of fun, and it’s also great practice for the die-hard fans who also celebrate Talk Like Yoda Day on May 21st!


Make Star Wars-themed snacks & crafts

Star Wars-themed foods and crafts are great fun for the kids to be involved in. Start the day by being a little crafty – make some Star Wars character felt finger puppets, a paper plate BB8, or even turn your rubbish bin into R2D2, then snack on some Jabbacado toast, Ewok rice ball sushi, or lightsabre fruit skewers. There are so many ways to get creative this Star Wars Day.

Check out for inspiration or begin with an image search and see which crafts and snacks you can recreate.


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Introduce someone new to Star Wars

Not everyone knows and loves Star Wars…. Yet! Whether it’s your little ones or your best friend who has been missing out, Star Wars Day is a great way to introduce them to this beloved series. In these trying times, we can all share in the message of good triumphing over evil, heroes coming from humble backgrounds, and the power of friendship and loyalty. For the little ones, is a great place to find bite-sized information to begin their journey. It also has printable activity sheets for them to interact with.


Make a list of your favourite Star Wars characters and compare them with your friends

This one can give some surprising results, and lead to entertaining debates! Most people like Luke and Obi-Wan, but did you know some people don’t like C-3PO? It’s particularly fun to see who the kids like (or dislike) and why.


Branch out – try a new show, book series, or comic from the Star Wars universe

There are lots of Star Wars shows available to watch now, thanks to the Disney+ expansions. There have also been comic books and novels around for a long time before that. They’re a great way to delve deeper into the Star Wars universe, and also to help kids foster their love of reading.


Dress up as a Star Wars character and go about your normal routine

Perhaps the most fun option is seeing how people react to Star Wars characters in real life. Whether you’re walking your dog dressed as Darth Vader (you or your dog can dress up, why not both?), or doing school pickup dressed as Princess Leia – seeing the recognition and job on people’s faces, especially children, is a magical experience.


(Thanks to Jeni R. for this photo!)


Create your own idea for a Star Wars character, be it humanoid, alien, or droid

The Star Wars universe is populated by a variety of weird and wonderful creatures. Use your imagination to create a droid to help with your everyday life or an alien to run a local shop. Maybe you’ve got an idea for a hero, villain, or trusted sidekick that could join you on an intergalactic adventure. Get out your pen and colouring pencils, and create a character you think would be an interesting addition to the Star Wars World.


Build your own lightsabre and have a battle

A step further from your ordinary craft project, designing and building your own lightsabre is great fun for the whole family. Choose your materials for the handle and blade – don’t forget to pick a great colour – and get about making it. From a basic wrapping paper roll to a more advanced option made from pool noodles, there’s lots of fun to be had both in making and battling with your new creation!

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We hope you find some great ways to celebrate Star Wars and the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. We’d love to see your crafty creations, amazing outfits, and delicious snacks, so don’t forget to share them with us on our socials!

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