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Celebrate Everyone’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man! - August 1st

Celebrate Everyone’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man! - August 1st


In 1962, Stan Lee debuted Spider-Man to the world! In 1963, Spidey got his very own comic book – and the world was never the same. August 1st is every Spider-Man fan’s gift and our curse – to celebrate National Spider-Man Day! While we are in the business of decking out every man, woman and child (and dog!) we can in their web slinging crusader get-up of choice, we all know (thanks to Uncle Ben) that ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’. So in tribute to this day, we share with you, what we believe to be, The Top 5 Coolest Facts about our ‘friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man’!

1. Ground Breaking Character Cool Fact:

When Stan Lee birthed the character Spider-Man to the comic book world he certainly turned heads – not because of the superhero he created, but because of the webslinger’s unlikely alter-ego. Peter Parker is an awkward, often anti-social, albeit funny-in-a-quirky-way teenager. He keeps us entertained with his dorky one liners and quips during battle and while he snags Mary-Anne – he is not exactly known as being super strong with the ladies…. These were the character traits usually pigeon-holed to the sidekick (sorry Robin!) NOT the front man.

2. Comic Book Spidey Cool Fact:

He once managed to ‘defeat’ The Hulk by telling a joke that caused him to calm down and turn back into Bruce Banner so could laugh!

Spidey: Knock Knock

Hulk: GRRRRRRR *swinging a punch*

Spidey: I’ll take that as a “Who’s There?”

No ‘Hulk Buster’ suit required here, sorry Tony Stark.

3. Spidey on the Big Screen Cool Fact:

Despite years of TV shows, cartoons, etc. Spider-Man got his big screen, full length feature film debut in 2002 with the coveted role played by Toby Maguire. Since then, there have been a total of 7 stand-alone Spidey movies played by 3 actors – AND thanks to Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios striking a deal in 2015, he also appears in 3 Marvel Avengers films between 2016 & 2019 that saw the endearing relationship unfold between unlikely friends Peter Parker/Spider-Man and billionaire playboy & engineering genius Tony Stark/Iron Man.

4. Spidey Hits Broadway Cool Fact:

HE SINGS AND DANCES TOO! In June 2011, ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark’ opened on Broadway! With book and score written by Bono & The Edge, this musical incarnation of the superhero included highly technical stunts including aerial combat scenes and real-life swinging and suspension from ‘webs’. Dubbed the most expensive production in Broadway history with its $75 million budget – after a series of unfortunate cast injuries and negative reviews saw the cult favourite close in January 2014. Poor Spidey!

5. Relatable Spidey Cool Fact:

He wears a mask! In this current climate – masks are the ‘in thing’ and help us all get that step closer to being our own heroes. Now ok, he may wear a mask to hide is identity, or as Stan Lee has stated, so Spider-Man’s enemies can’t see him appear afraid – but the argument is strong that the mask wearing mixed with the ability to shoot a web to ‘grab what you need from a distance abilities’ of our arachnid bitten buddy, could be a premonition in to skills we all could use ourselves in 2020! Like grabbing the remote without leaving the couch!?

Jump online and check out our huge range of Spider-Man & Spider-Girl costumes for the whole family and have some fun this National Spider-Man Day! To help you celebrate – we are offering 20% off all MARVEL costumes and accessories between 1/08/2020 – 7/08/2020 – Just apply the code SPIDEY20 at checkout and keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win the NEW Spider-Man Venomized Deluxe Costume for Kids (size 5-7 years).
Most importantly – have fun, be safe and stay well.

Our priority is to always serve our customers responsibly and with friendliness. While we are still navigating through these challenging times we are ensuring our standards remain high and customer service is still our number one focus. The Health and Safety of our team is top of mind!
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