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🎅🎄 It's Christmas in July Time! 🎄🎅

🎅🎄 It's Christmas in July Time! 🎄🎅

Let’s be real… it was March, we stayed at home for a bit and suddenly its July!? While 2020 has seemingly been just throwing us one curveball after another (thanks Covid!) take some time at this point of the year to step back, take a breath and focus on the things we have to be thankful for and reconnecting with our nearest and dearest.

There are many theories online as to the origin of celebrating Christmas in July. For we Australians – it makes sense, I get it. The winter months give us a glimpse at cool, crisp, (for those of us in the southern states) white Christmas image we see the northern hemisphere experiencing in December.

Personally, even before we were being battered by the ‘Covid-storm’, I loved the idea of using ‘Christmas in July’ as an opportunity to catch up with our friends for that ‘traditional’ Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. For those of us that do celebrate Christmas –December usually sees us so busy spending time with our family, along with Christmas parties for work, end of year celebrations for schools, kinders, sporting clubs, etc – scheduling time to celebrate with our friends is a logistical nightmare! July offers the opportunity to get together with our friends, all the kids and enjoy some frivolity!

Keeping in mind that there are different restrictions in place currently around the country, we recommend you take these in to account and read on for the most important things you need to celebrate super fun Christmas in July for your friends:

  1. Your Friends!

Whether you can gather at a home, a restaurant or need to keep your celebration online (see our previous blog on How to Host a Virtual Party here), Christmas in July needs to be without the stress and mountains of preparation that often comes with Christmas proper. Keep is simple and ENJOY yourselves.

  1. Make it FUN with KK or Secret Santa.

Gift giving is NOT a must – but it can be fun to enjoy a really personal and thoughtful gift giving opportunity with a traditional Kris Kringle or do some research in to some of the fun or even naughty games of Secret Santa that you can play to make the day/night even more fun!

  1. Christmas Dress Ups!

Do you ever feel really bad for Santa and all his helpers visiting Australia in December? Those poor guys must be BOILING! Well, look no further than JULY! Ok, ok, so I we know that the northern most points of Oz are still warmer in July (on behalf of those of us shivering away in the southern states, we hope you boil in our jealousy! Lol) but for the majority of us – a big warm Santa Suit, Christmas jumper, Elf or Reindeer costume is not a bad option right now!
Enjoy your day and have a laugh, Costume Super Centre has a range of Christmas costumes and accessories in a variety of characters, budgets and levels of ‘over the top’ to suit everyone!


Most importantly – have fun, be safe and stay well.

Our priority is to always serve our customers responsibly and with friendliness. While we are still navigating through these challenging times we are ensuring our standards remain high and customer service is still our number one focus. The Health and Safety of our team is top of mind!

Follow @CostumesupercentreAU on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to tag us in your dress up pics #costumesupercentreau. We love to see you enjoying your costumes!

Remember, we are just a click away and are here to help. #weareallinthistogether

The Team at Costume Super Centre

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