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Find out the latest trending costumes for Halloween 2022 in Australia

What's Trending for Halloween 2022?

Halloween is a time to get out, let your hair down (or put it up in an epic style!), and celebrate the things that scare us. The tradition started as a Celtic festival where people lit fires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts. Irish immigrants brought the concept to America where it has transformed into a fun family event. Gathering momentum here in recent years, it’s been embraced as a night to transform yourself into someone else - and have a lot of fun (and sugar) while doing it.


So, what should you wear this Halloween? Whether you’re going to a Halloween party, taking the kids out Trick or Treating, or sitting at home with a cauldron of chocolates, here are some of the trending themes to consider.


Witches & Vampires 

The most classic options for Halloween are favourites for a reason. Dressing as a witch is a fabulous excuse to wear a gorgeous dress, and a pointy hat and create a little mayhem! Or don a fancy outfit and a pair of fangs then chase your friends telling them “I want to suck your blood!”


Product highlight:

What could be more terrifying than a spider AND a witch!? Terrify your friends this Halloween with your magical ability to spin webs and cast spells. Don’t forget to grab your broomstick too for a speedy exit!


Ghosts, Ghouls & Skeletons

Dressing up as a ghost is a great excuse to jump out of strange places and yell “Boo!” at unsuspecting passers-by! Showing a little rib is also a Halloween tradition, and the perfect outfit to celebrate Día de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. Originating in Mexico, but celebrated by numerous cultures around the world, it’s traditional to wear colourful skeleton costumes. It’s a celebration of life and death where you remember the lives of those who have died with offerings of their favourite foods.



A real hit with the kids, dressing as a dinosaur is popular all year round but also fitting at Halloween. Kids love stomping around and roaring, and the prehistoric monsters they’re mimicking would truly be terrifying if they were around today!


Product highlight:

Therizinosaurus costumes have arrived! The baddest of predators from the latest Jurassic World film - Jurassic World: Dominion, they weighed up to 5000kg and are truly in need of a good manicurist! While our costumes leave the gigantic claws out of the equation (all the better to collect lollies with!) it’s a fun costume for your little monster this Halloween!


Horror staples

Whether you’re a lover of classic horror films, 80s shlock, or even more recent horror incarnations, like Stranger Things, there are film, TV, and even video game characters to truly terrify! Freddy Kreuger, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Fazbear, or even the Demogorgon are perfect for horror fans. 


Product highlight:

Mixing our love of horror and our fear of clowns - Pennywise is great for scaring children and adults alike! IT is a killer. IT is waiting to lure your friends. IT is coming for them. You are IT. 



Superheroes are great the other 364 days of the year, but Halloween is the time to celebrate the villains! They definitely have the most fun, so pick your side (DC or Marvel) and embrace your inner villain!


Marvel Villains 

What if our most beloved superheroes become villains? Become the charming Captain America’s alter ego this Halloween, but don’t forget to warn your friends you’ll be coming for their scrumptious brains! We don’t have to ask ‘what if?’ for the brilliant Wanda Maximoff, our favourite Avenger already showed the world her true colours. Become the Marvel Universe’s villain with the most heart-wrenching back story and hold your family tight. Be careful not to start a fight with Dr. Strange though!


DC Villains

What if Harley Quinn never met The Joker in Arkham Asylum? Would she still be the villain we know her as? We may never know how Harley Quinn’s life may have gone without knowing The Joker, but you can determine how her villain story continues this Halloween. Likely one of the most famous villains ever in the pop-culture world, The Joker is a terrifying and psychologically complex character. You get to decide how The Joker is portrayed next at your own Halloween celebrations.


Disney villains

Captain Hook. Maleficent. Cruella de Vil. Jafar. Zurg. Ursula. Their deeds are dastardly, but their looks are iconic! Need we say more?


Family & Group

For an epic shot for socials, dressing in matching costumes with your family or friendship group is all the rage this Halloween. Whether you want to be The Wiggles or The Heelers, The Addams Family or The Scooby Gang, The Avengers or The Incredible, there are costumes for every member of your clan. The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Harry Potter, DCEU - the options are endless. So pick a theme and get to work!



Halloween is an event for the whole family, so dress up your pups and take them for their spookiest walk of the year. Our dogs know ‘Trick or Treat’ best, so let them join in the fun this year and have them show their neat tricks for their favourite treat. Save the chocolate for yourself though!




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Have you ever wondered what your dog's skeleton looks like? Now you can see for yourself! 


We got a great range of costumes and accessories for however you celebrate Halloween in 2022. Remember, don’t be a monster this Halloween - order early, and if there’s a problem, be polite. We’re here to help.


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