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Roarsome Costume Fun!

How to train your dragon costumes
Dinosaurs and dragons have long stalked through our imaginations. So it’s no wonder they’re amongst our most popular costumes! But what makes these mighty beasts so endlessly fascinating?

Maybe it’s because they represent both the wonder and scariness of unknown. They live in lost worlds of the past and the uncharted corners of our primal fears.
Of course, we know where dinosaurs come from. But what they looked like, and how they lived, is a mystery that scientists have spent centuries solving.
And just when you think you know everything, you learn something new. We’re still coming to terms with the shock that dinosaurs had feathers!
We don’t have a feathered dinosaur costume just yet – but we can’t wait to see who’ll be the first to stick feathers on their dino outfit to make one! Send us your pics!

The origins of dragons are much more mysterious. We do know they reoccur in mythologies from all around the world. The word “dragon” comes from the Latin for “giant serpent”, and some academics believe dragons were inspired by humans’ fear of snakes. Early discoveries of dinosaur fossils may also have added to the imagination of Middle Age dreamers.
Feathered Dragon

Wherever they come from, dragons (and dinosaurs!) are more popular today than ever. And these days they’re not always as scary as they used to be. Sure, we wouldn’t want to run into Smaug from The Hobbit, Drogon from Game of Thrones or most of the residents of Jurassic World. But Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, Rex from Toy Story or Dorothy the Dinosaur? They’re the life of the party!

And with our huge range of high quality Dragon and Dinosaur costumes, the sky really is the limit for the adventures you can have.

For your How To Train Your Dragon fans, we have Toothless and Light Fury. And they’ll really make an entrance in this awesome Glow In The Dark accessory set! 

Or how about this Wiggles Dorothy The Dinosaur costume? Dinosaurs have never looked more adorable! And if you have a little more fire in your belly, this Dragon costume is a definite winner.

But if we had to pick a personal favourite, you don’t have to go any further than these inflatable Jurassic World Velociraptors. It’s what we wear around the office most Casual Fridays! 

Aside from Casual Fridays, these costumes make great ideas for Book Week. In fact, they’re stomping good fun any day of the year. So what are you waiting for? Spread your wings and dive in!


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