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Ring in the New Year in Style (plus Christmas gifting inspo for last minute shoppers!)

Ring in the New Year in Style (plus Christmas gifting inspo for last minute shoppers!)

We hope you’ve got your Christmas shopping under control – if not, you’d better hurry!

For last minute gift ideas check out these top gifts for Mum, Dad, Boys, Girls and Pets!

$50 & under

Top Picks for Mum
Best Ideas for Dad 
 Great Gift Ideas for Boys
Perfect Presents for Girls
Gifting Ideas for Pets

$25 & under

Best Bargain Presents for Mum
 Gifts to Make Dad's Day
Best Presents for Boys Under $25
Girls Gifts Under $25
Pamper Your Pets (for $25 and Under!)
Now that you’ve got Christmas sorted, it’s time to plan your New Year’s Party! We all deserve a huge celebration after the year we’ve had, so why not end the year in style with a themed costume party?
Here are some of our favourite themes for you to embrace this year:
P for Pandemic (and for panda, pirate, pony, pink lady, Princess Leia, police, Pennywise, Peter Pan, Prisoner, Porg, and so much more!


Or better yet – F for Freedom! You can be the Flash, Finn from Star Wars, a feline, a flapper, a firefighter or there’s a selection of Freds to choose from – whether you’re Freddy Krueger, Fred Flintstone, Fred from the Scooby Gang or Five Nights at Freddy’s, you’re bound to have some FUN!


Heroes and villains
This is always a great fun theme, but this year we’ve been reminded of the everyday heroes, not just the traditional superheroes and supervillains. This can be an excellent way get everyone to party as someone they admire! 


Looking to the future (2022 and beyond!)
Planning for the future kept many of us from going insane over the last 2 years. Why not celebrate 2022 with a party themed for the future? Dress as airline pilots and air hosties, even astronauts! 


Not sure you’re loving the 2020s yet?
Why not theme your party of the 1920s instead? With gangsters, flappers and Good Time Sam, the roaring 20s have plenty of fun dress up options for both men and women! 


Thank you for joining us on the wild ride that was 2021! We can’t wait to bring you some amazing costume ideas in 2022. Stay safe & be awesome to one another.
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