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Cute or Scary: Halloween Costumes for the Good & Bad in You

Cute or Scary: Halloween Costumes for the Good & Bad in You

Most people think that Halloween is about facing your fears and dressing up in the scariest costume possible. While that’s fun for some, it doesn’t have to be the way. When trick or treating, the cute costumes may garner the best responses (and therefore the best lollies!). So, whether your plan for Halloween 2023 is to frighten the treats out of your neighbours, or have them throwing chocolates in your bucket for being adorable, we’ve got the costumes to make it happen!


Things That Go Bump in the Night

There are definitely some very cool costumes if you plan to scare your neighbours. The classics are classics for a reason – these characters are easily recognisable and a tried-and-true way to cause a fright. Vampires and witches, devils and skeletons are all popular choices if you’re looking for a hair-raising costume. Jumpscare anyone?



Scary Made Cute

The traditional symbols of Halloween don’t always have to come in a scary form – pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, and black cats can endear rather than cause fear. These cute versions of Halloween staples are particularly good for little kids. Could you really refuse these trick-or-treaters?



Villains For the Win!

Dressing up as your favourite movie villain is another way to get into the spirit of Halloween, without necessarily terrifying every child you meet. People in the know will always worry just what your Joker’s smile hides as you stalk the neighbourhood. A couple's costume of The Joker and Harley Quinn is always a hit when planning a fun Halloween event. Other popular villains include The Riddler, Catwoman, Ursula, Loki, Maleficent and Darth Vader.



Horror Staples from the Big Screen

Fans of horror movies will embrace the option Halloween provides to get into character and a super-cool costume! There’s something freeing about being bad, just for one day. Why not spend Halloween getting into characters like Freddy Krueger, Beetlejuice, The Nun or the twins from The Shining?



A fun trend in horror movie costumes is gender-bending, where men dress up as female characters and women step out as villainous men. What’s more scary than a hulking Annabelle, a female Leatherface, Jason, or Pennywise?



Wholesomely Wicked TV

Not all horror characters are actually scary. The Addams Family and its recent reboot, Wednesday, have shown that we can enjoy the macabre without being truly scared. There’s a creepy, spooky, mysterious & ooky option for the whole family!



Monster High

And finally, the new range of Monster High licensed costumes provides another fun costume option, that touches on the scary but is really about embracing those who are different. Featuring the children of your traditional horror fare - werewolves, Frankenstein’s monsters, and Dracula - they are great options for Halloween, but in a fun and inclusive way.



Whatever you choose to dress up as this Halloween, make sure you have a frighteningly good time!

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