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2020 Can’t Get Any Scarier! Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate This Halloween!

2020 Can’t Get Any Scarier! Don’t Be Afraid to Celebrate This Halloween!

Yes, yes… You might very well be one of those Halloween nay-sayers. Spooks and skulls and costumes are not for everyone – but consider this: Has 2020 not already been scary enough? Haven’t we ALL earned the right to find the fun and celebrate SOMETHING? For an event that is traditionally the one night of the year to cheer the villains and all things scary – for many of us, Halloween 2020 has the very real potential of being the hero!

Depending on where you are in Australia – for many, Halloween may not look like it usually does. But this year, it’s a Saturday night, is a ‘Blue’ Moon (the second full moon to fall in the calendar month) and frankly that is reason enough to bring the fun in, and we are here to help you get celebrating in spooky style!



  1. Dress for Success

OBVIOUSLY – you want to look the part! The beauty of Halloween in Australia is that while we are really starting to embrace spooky decorations, when it comes to costumes, anything goes! Scary, bloody, ghouls, devils, witches, skeletons and demons are king, BUT heroes, princesses, villains, animals and fairies are all welcome too! The only real rule when it comes to dressing up is that there are no rules! You might know what costume you are going to rock and are ready to just get out there and live your best life. You might want to get the family, your partner, your BFF or the gang together and wow the crowd by theming your costumes or paying homage to your fav movie or TV characters together. No matter which way you wanna play it – be comfortable, be happy and have some fun with it!



  1. Haunt-ify Your House

You know what I find a little unfair? The Christmas decorations get a really good run year after year. I mean those cute, sparkly, twinkly little decorations see a good MONTH of glory adorning very nook and cranny of our homes. But what about poor Halloween? Make 2020 the year you let your house howl at the neighbourhood and let everyone know that you are ready to party! Fake spider-webbing is SUPER easy to put up and it leaves no mess! Halloween decorating doesn’t have to be as big an ordeal as putting up the Christmas lights but it can be even more fun! You can pick up signs, fake spiders, super cool ‘ground breakers’ and themed candy bowls all online (we can help with that!). Have you tried making your own Jack-o-lantern? It is surprisingly easy and makes SUCH a good decoration by the front door.


  1. Party Your Own Way

Now, you might be able to hit the streets with the kids or your friends to do some trick or treating – or due to restrictions in your area, you might not. Don’t worry about what you CAN’T do! Make the most of what you CAN! Some great ideas for how to spend All Hallows Eve might just be some trick or treating fun, or you could have a scary movie night. Depending on who’s home – you might want to immerse yourselves in some good old horror classics, a timeless thriller, some classic 90’s slasher movies or something a little more family friendly like Scooby Doo or Ghostbusters.

You could prepare a Halloween themed dinner or just get take-away. How cool would a fully dressed up werewolf family look having a picnic dinner on the front lawn of their haunted house? Just don’t forget to give that big blue moon a howl for us!


Get in the spirit (get it!?) and celebrate Halloween your way! Get prepared early and get ready to have a screaming good time… and don’t get spooked – 2020 can’t possibly get any scarier… right?

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