The Riddler Cane

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Welcome to the wacky world of the not so funny, and always puzzling, Riddler. Edward Nigma is known for his trademark green suit with question marks all over it and his iconic walking cane. Always making up word games and quizzes to confuse The Batman and Commissioner Gordon, Riddler is one of the ultimate DC Comics supervillains. He is determined to destroy Gotham City and have the last laugh. Seen in Warner Bros movies “Batman: The Brave and Bold: (2008), “Batman Forever” (1992) and “Batman” (1992), The Ridder has also been Batman’s arch-nemesis in TV series from the 1960’s and video games. Use your unique skills to outplay and confuse the enemies on your destruction quest.

The Riddler Cane will transform you into one of Gotham's most deplorable criminals. The gold cane features a question mark handle creating a spectacular look to pair with your costume - you won't need to solve any riddles to know that this is a wonderful accessory!


  • Moulded plastic cane with questions mark shaped handle
  • Approximately 91cms
  • Painted gold
  • This is an officially licensed DC Comics product
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