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Halloween Decorations and props are a fun way to add pizzazz to a party or fright to Halloween night. Costume SuperCenter has many items to choose from that put the finishing touches on your yard, house or party.

Props and Decorations are a must have to make the trick-or-treating experience complete. Kids will love to see your lawn decorated with tombstones and skeletons, coffins, mummies and spider webs. For additional effects we have fog machines, spooky music and scary signs too. If you are having a Halloween Party there are many décor options for the inside of your home too. Black lights make an unusual visual experience that can make costumes and other décor stand out with an eerie glow. Other options for decorating inside your home for Halloween include spooky murals, door decorations and a variety of ghosts and ghouls to scare the bajeezas out of everyone! Don't forget the serving pieces such as plates, cups, candy bowl and drink coolers too.

You always hear us say that costumes are not just for Halloween. Well the same is true for props and decorations. For example, no party is complete without a Limbo set. Limbo is always a party favorite. We also carry party must haves like bubble machines, silly party streamers in a can and rotating colorful disco lights