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Choosing men's costumes for Halloween used to be a challenge, but with the huge selection of quality made selections, it's easy for any guy to find the perfect one for holiday parties and theatrical productions. Even if you are not sure where to begin there are so many guy's Halloween ideas here that shopping will be a no-brainer. Choices are just as plentiful as everyone else's too. In fact, adults outnumber kids in annual sales volume and the men's costume section has something to offer in nearly 70 categories. Let's get shopping!

The decision of what to wear is typically chosen with a couple of things in mind - the occasion and the personality of the person who will be wearing it. For instance, a man who is constantly pulling practical jokes might choose a clown outfit, or a magician with all of the accessories. Clown suits come in a wide variety of styles and colors. It's great for entertaining a group of children, or for an adult costume party. When choosing a magician cape, be sure to include the top hat and a wand. It might also help to learn some tricks. If these outfits is not your thing, then are many other funny guys ideas here too.

For those who have a more serious approach to life, a British sleuth can be the perfect choice. You can also try to become a doctor for a day in either a serious of humorous version. A set of scrubs, a play stethoscope, and a clipboard make the look complete. While on the subject of people who do good, Superheroes are also an ideal dress up idea.

For men who are a bit more daring, a tattooed biker dude duds will allow them to take a walk on the wild side, at least for a night. Another wild option is a caveman outfit, complete with a club, to allow you to live out your wildest tree-swinging fantasies. And of course don't forget the Party Animal. For this, all you need is an ape mask and varsity sweatshirt

With the wide availability of creative options for guys, the most difficult task may be choosing just one. Start with an idea and search from there. After making the final decision remember to pick up a few accessories to complete the look. A spy just wouldn't be complete without his spyglass and what's a doctor without a stethoscope? When it comes to the perfect ensemble, accessories make the look.