Halloween’s almost here!

Halloween’s almost here! That special time of year when killjoys moan for an entire month about how Halloween is an American holiday. Well we’ve got good news for you…
So next time Alan or Maureen hark up (it’s always an Alan or Maureen, right?), here’s what you tell them:
“Actually Maureen, Halloween comes from ancient festivals in Ireland and Scotland that marked the start of winter. People believed it was easier for spirits to cross into our world as days got darker. So they gave offerings to these creatures for good luck.”
“Then the Christians combined these festivals with All Hallow’s Day, when they prayed for recently departed souls. The Christians called the night before “All Hallow’s Eve”, which was shortened to Halloween around 1745. Which, Maureen, is long, long, long before the Americans got into celebrating Halloween in the early 1900s.”
Take a moment to enjoy the look on Maureen’s face, then break the bad news to her: “Anyway I’d love to chat Mozza, but the rest of us are choosing our costumes now.”
It’s a fair bet you won’t be hanging with Maureen on Halloween. But when it comes to your real friends, make the night more fun by choosing a matching theme! To get your creative juices flowing, here’s our…
Maureen and a traditional Irish Halloween mask.
Can you pick which is which?

Top 5 Halloween group themes

5. Happy Halloween, Puddin
From the Avengers to DC Comics, we have leagues of super legends for you. But it’s Halloween, so why not walk on the villainous side as The Joker & Harley Quinn?
4. Creepy Clowns
What’s a group of Clowns called? Terrifying! If you’re looking for chilling chuckles this Halloween – look no further.
3. Jump in the Mystery Machine
When monsters are on the loose, there’s only one team of sleuths right for the job: the Scooby Gang! BYO Scooby Snacks.
2. Get a Little Wicked
All great movies have the Villain that we all love to hate. Now you can become your favourite fiend with this great range.
1. O.G. Ghouls & Halloween Classics
Dracula, Frankenstein and his Bride, the Mummy and Wolfman are legends who never die. Literally! And with so many options, you’ll find the perfect ghoul for the whole family.
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So what are you waiting for? Happy Halloween, and happy shopping!

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