Christmas is coming

Dorothy and Tin Man Wizard of Oz costume
Christmas is coming. That sentence either fills you with joy or dread, depending on where you’re at (…if anywhere!) with your Christmas shopping.
But whichever camp you’re in, DON’T PANIC. We make present hunting fun and fast – as quick as a few clicks.
Let’s start with stocking stuffers. Little extras add a whole lot of delight on Christmas morning. And we have literally hundreds of amazing, affordable ideas. Here are our Top 5:

Top 5 Christmas stocking stuffer gift ideas

5. Superheroes
Santa and his elves don’t have the monopoly of red and green. Why not give them a Spider-Man or Hulk mask? And if you fancy more stylish superhero streetwear, you can’t beat these cool Supergirl and Harley Quinn gauntlets!
4. Capes
It’s time to break it to your aunt, no one wants socks in their Christmas stocking. But cool capes? That is a different story. How ace are these Superhero capes – perfect for flying around on your new Chrissy skateboard or jumping on your new trampoline! And our range of capes has options for both boys and girls!
3. Princess
The only thing as magical as Christmas is the spell princesses cast over little kids (and not-so-little ones too!). You don’t need crown jewels to help them release their inner royalty - our headband & wand sets are a steal! Choose from The Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or Anna from Frozen.
Wands and weapons
2. Wands and weapons
What could be more exciting to pull out of a stocking than Thor’s hammer, Cap’s shield, Harry Potter’s wand or Harley Quinn’s inflatable baseball bat? Or throw in these squirt guns and relieve the Aussie Christmas heat with a good old fashioned water fight.
Get Random
1. Get Random
The perfect stocking stuffers are those oddball items that are so fabulous and weird you had no idea they even existed till you pulled them out. Eyeball gloves anyone? Yoda ears for your pooch? And if you really want to impress your friends, these bottle opener rings are a must at Christmas lunch!
Fur Babies!
Fur Babies!
One last tip before we go put up the tree: If you have a bub in your life, these gorgeous furry costumes will make Christmas cuddles even more adorable! (And guarantee family photos you can wheel out again at their 21st birthday party. Win-win.)
That’s it from us for 2019. Get creative, get crazy and get shopping. And, most importantly, have yourself the most legendary Christmas ever! See you again in 2020!

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